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What should I blog about?

My mom always tells me I should start a blog. I mean she’s my mother so obviously she thinks I am hilarious and awesome and beautiful and amazing but she’s my mom, she birthed me… so lord only knows how much of that is true. It really has been a long process trying to actually start the blog. For one, I am really lazy and would prefer to binge watch Parks and Rec for the fifth time in a row (I am not kidding, I seriously watched it all the way through 4 times in a row, it has been a VERY productive summer) and another reason is that I was having trouble deciding what to blog about.

I really like weather so that was a suggestion. Okay but for those of you who know me, I already run a weather-based Twitter account and TBH (to be honest) who really wants to read about which clouds I saw today? The answer: no one (maybe my mom but she would only be pretending to read it, ya know?)

The next thing I considered was something food related. I really like food. The problem these days is everyone is gluten-free and likes their organic tofu mixed with their egg whites that only came from zen chickens or some crap like that. I don’t think people would be interested in how delicious the mushroom and swiss burger with a side of cheesy bacon fries was and the heartburn it gave me later, especially because I am pretty sure none of those ingredients came from Whole Foods (Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Whole Foods, I would just rather spend my $90 on a pair of Lululemons than one bag of organic cookies) (Oh also, I don’t actually wear Lululemons to do yoga in… they just have very good stretch for when I eat a lot). I’ll just leave the healthy food blogs to the healthy people and keep pinning their recipes on Pinterest, pretending that one day I am going to actually eat healthy.

I also considered some blog on working out which would be hilariously boring considering I maybe run three times a week. I mean how would I blog about that? “Today on my run I got a really bad cramp about half a mile into it, gave up, went home, and ate a family- sized bag of Cheetos.” I’ll save that type of blogging for the people who do marathons and Iron Mans and who honestly kind of scare me.

I haven’t had some profound religious awakening, I haven’t been on some amazing trip through Europe, I was about to give up on this blog when I finally decided: I’ll just write a blog about the hijinks of a normal Twentysomething (I really, really hate the phrase “Twentysomething” by the way). I am going to tell the stories from the completely normal life of me, maybe even go on a few rants if I am feeling cheeky that day. Hopefully people will find it entertaining because I used the word “Twentysomething” and I am totally #relatable!

5 thoughts on “What should I blog about?”

  1. I appreciated the gluten free shoutout. So glad you finally did this! Love it!! I agree with your mom on all of the above. (Sucking up for more shootouts).

  2. I loved it and not only your mom thinks all those things about you. I do, too, so obviously, your mom is right.

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