Carol's Thoughts

Life after college

Wow haven’t posted in awhile! Sorry I’ve been so busy with exams and graduating from college and crying etc. Well that was a couple weeks ago, now I am just busy being unemployed, eating like crap and still crying a lot. Well not totally unemployed, I have my retail job where I work twice a week but the other five days are spent being sad and lonely.

This is just what life is like after college I guess unless you’re lucky enough to have a major that actually supplies you with career opportunities. Like environmental science was nice and all but I realized my clothes are just too cute to test water all day. It doesn’t help when you’re looking for a job that isn’t in the field that you studied.

I’ve applied for a lot of jobs, I’m not completely lazy. I had high high hopes I mean come on I’m tall and stuff, who wouldn’t want to hire me? Apparently “tall” isn’t a quality employers care about. I shit you not, I received four rejection letters in two days. FOUR.  Two were perfectly respectable, giving me the  “NOPE” just a few days after my interview. One of those four rejections was from a job that I had completely forgotten about because it had been so long since I applied, I didn’t even want the job but seriously way to kick me while I’m down. THEN, I received a rejection from a job THAT I HAD ALREADY GOTTEN A REJECTION FROM WEEKS BEFORE. They must have really hated me if they felt the need to let me know TWICE that I didn’t get the job.

It is with a heavy heart that I continue on with my job search. Like I don’t even know what I want to do how I am supposed to get a job when nothing sounds appealing? Kids, don’t ever graduate. If you stay in college until you die then you’ll never have to pay off your loans and you never have to find a job like me. Also if you’re reading this post and you would like to help me in my job search for the love of god please do, I am begging (unless it’s something where I can’t wear cute clothes).

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