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My Master’s program

So people keep asking me about the Master’s program that I got into, which makes sense because it’s not a typical Master’s.

The program is done through Miami University and it’s called Project Dragonfly. My program within Project Dragonfly is called the Global Field Program (GFP). The online description of it states that the GFP “is a transformative master’s degree program that combines summer field experiences worldwide with discussion and collaborative projects in web-based learning communities. GFP candidates join a growing network of international leaders who work together to affect change in global and local contexts.”

So cool right!!?!? This program is built for people who already have full time jobs too! (I would not have pursued a Master’s unless I could continue working. I need that ca$h) So the courses are all online besides the summer field programs (I will get into that in a minute!). Each semester I will take two online graduate level courses such as “Issues in Biodiversity” or “Biology in the Age of Technology” to name a couple. I’ll take two years of courses then another semester to work on my senior capstone project (from my understanding this is usually a paper that gets published).

I will earn a Master of Arts in Biology, which just means that the program is not research-based but I will still enhance my knowledge of biology. People have a hard time grasping the fact that you can get a Master of Arts in a science degree instead of a Master of Science (WELL HELLO I got a Bachelor of ARTS in Environmental SCIENCE and I’m doing just fine so) (sorry that was sassy).

THENNNNNNNNN each summer I go on the summer field course! This summer I have to do Baja, Mexico (okay “HAVE TO” sounds bad, I am very excited for Baja but first year students all have to do Baja, we didn’t get a choice… but still super excited!) but for the two summers after that, you can pick from options like Belize, Galapagos, Thailand, Kenya, Hawaii, Australia, Mongolia, Costa Rica, etc. These trips are nice too, because they are typically only about a week or so (which is good because I have a job and a cat and stuff like I can’t just be gone for 3 months?????).

So. I leave for Baja on June 4th and then come home on June 15th. It’s going to be crazy. Half of the days will be spent at this like cabin thing in the middle of the desert in the Middle of Nowhere, Baja. The other half will be spent at this place called the Vermillion Sea Institute RIGHT BY THE OCEAN. YOU BET YOUR SWEET ASS THIS GIRL WILL BE THRIVING THERE.

Also I should mention the sleeping arrangements. We’re sleeping on cots UNDER THE MOTHERFUCKING STARS. Not inside, not even in tents. JUST RIGHT OUT IN THE OPEN NEXT TO THE DAMN OCEAN. I mean it’s a desert, it’s not going to rain on us. I know it’ll get cold at night but I mean, perks of having a boyfriend who went to Antarctica for 2 months… he’s got a nice ass sleeping bag (that’s actually the only reason I am dating him).

Also I should mention the shower situation. Pretty sure there isn’t a shower. But they did say to bring biodegradable shampoo and soap because we will be BATHING IN THE MOTHERFUCKING OCEAN.


GUYSSSSSSSSS. I am so excited.

I know I seem a little high maintenance (I most definitely am) but I think it’ll be fine! I mean my eyebrows might get a little out of order without their daily grooming but this is a sacrifice I guess I am willing to make.

I have stalked pretty much everyone doing the course on Facebook. The instructors both seem super nice and really excited about the whole thing WHICH I LOVE. Nothing is better than being taught by someone who loves what they’re doing. I think there are 16 students on the trip and from what I can tell, our ages range from my age to maybe like 50. There are a couple girls around my age who look really cool and I have already decided they’re going to be my friend whether they want to or not (that sounds like a threat).

OH and of course there is like actual learning and stuff on the trip too. Before we go we have to write a synthesis paper about a topic of our choice that relates to Baja ecology. Mine is on methods for monitoring the ecology of coral reefs. OBVIOUSLY. Coral reefs are my shit.

SO ANYWAY, that’s a little more information on the graduate program I’m doing! Oh and if I don’t respond to your texts from June 4th to 15th now you know why (look at me pretending like people actually text me LOL).

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