HOLY SHIT. I leave for my grad school study abroad trip in TWO DAYS. Well… technically I land in San Diego in 2 days, then we start the drive down to Baja in 3 days!

I’m so excited. And nervous. I mean I don’t know any of these people! They all seeeeeem super nice but this is based off of the online discussion group and pictures from stalking their Facebooks. I’m also nervous because I have no idea what to expect at all. And stressed because I feel like I have so much to still do between now and Sunday morning, like ya know, pack and stuff (which is my own fault TBH).

So I land in San Diego at 3pm and thankfully I have a friend to stay with that night, but she works until 7pm. Which is no problem, I mean my god, this girl is giving me a free place to stay. GOD BLESS YOU STEPH. So like obviously I’m gonna go to the beach in San Diego while I wait. But then I’ll have to carry my luggage around with me. And I am only bringing a carry on and a hiking backpack with me. So I have to fit everything into those tiny little spaces meaning I’ll have to wear my bigass hiking boots like all around the beaches of San Diego. I’ll just be in my hiking boots and a bathing suit. At least I’ll look like a very well-traveled person or whatever.

Then Monday the class meets up at a hotel in San Diego and drives down to Baja in a couple big vans or something. I think the driving takes two days, but we stop along the way to do coursework. Thank god my doctor gave me prescription strength motion sickness medicine! And anti-nausea. And an antibiotic (just in case). And a typhoid shot. And a Hepatitis A shot.

Jesus. I’m going to die down there, aren’t I?

I think it will be really fun though. I was super nervous and unsure before my Bahamas study abroad 4 years ago and the was the best experience of my entire life. I even picked me up a boyfriend while on the trip! (I don’t think I will be picking up a boyfriend on this trip though, considering that I still very much enjoy dating said boyfriend)

I was feeling super nervous yesterday but I Googled the course name and it came up with some blog posts from past students who wrote about their trip. Everything I read  just reassured me about how awesome it’ll be. People were saying it was the best experience of their life and they would give anything to go back (just like me and the Bahamas). They also posted picture with their blog that showed beautiful scenery and underwater pictures OF SEA TURTLES AND DOLPHINS.

I also read that most bathing on the trip takes place in the ocean, or from large buckets of water. Hmmm. Never done that before. I am definitely a shower-every-day-kinda-girl, sometimes twice a day! I wonder if people will judge me for bringing dry shampoo with me… I just really love clean hair man.

I feel like this post is mostly just my stream of thought and I apologize for that.

Also I had to buy CARGO PANTS THAT ZIP OFF INTO SHORTS. GUYS. IT PHYSICALLY PAINS ME THAT I SPENT MONEY ON SUCH ATTIRE. Who knows, maybe I’ll come back from this trip a changed woman. Maybe I’ll only wear hiking boots from now on, even when I’m not hiking!

I sound so high maintenance.

I am a little high maintenance.

I’m so excited though. It’ll be so cool to disconnect from the world (my phone) for a little bit and only focus on nature. I’m really excited to see what I miss while I’m gone too. Like who knows, maybe by the time I get back and can use the internet again, a certain moronic orange asshole will have been impeached while I was gone! Like when you’re at a restaurant and you’re waiting for your food and you get up to use the bathroom and when you get back your food is there. Always a great surprise!

Soo anyway, starting Monday I will be off in the desert/ ocean somewhere in Baja learnin’ stuff whilst wearing full safari garb (I forgot to mention, in addition to the lovely cargo zip off pants, I also have a matching shirt and A SAFARI HAT).

So wish me luck! I will see and talk to you all in a couple weeks! …well starting on Monday….you can still talk to me now if you want to.

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