2018 Race Plans

So I just posted this morning about becoming AN IRONMAN ALL WORLD ATHLETE!! That is so exciting!! That basically means I get to wear a fancy swim cap during races and cut in line during race registration. I’ll probably just roll up to races in a limo wearing a full length mink coat and have like security guards escort me to the registration booth. Paparazzi, please hold your photos.

Anyway, I do feel very blessed! The All World Athlete program bases rankings off of how many races you did plus how fast you were. So basically I spent more money on races than others and was kinda fast (LOL) but still cool!

So as far as 2018 goes, there’s a lot up in the air right now! Mostly because I spent an ungodly amount of money on the Ironman Louisville registration and I’m waiting for my poor bank account to recover. I also can’t schedule any races for the summer yet because I haven’t found out where I’m going for my grad school trip yet! I actually should find out this week! My top two trip choices both fall in the first or last two weeks of July which is exactly when Muncie 70.3 and Ohio 70.3 so I gotta be patient.

I’ve also been having a minor bout of peroneal tendon pain (the little tendon that runs down the side of your calf and behind your ankle bone). No clue what happened. It started on a run in November and I haven’t run since (plus it’s been like -50 degrees outside I ain’t THAT mad). I ran 1 mile on the treadmill last night and it hurts today. COOL. So that may hinder any running plans. It’s more important for me to be able to do the $750 race I signed up for rather than some random half marathons.

The races I’m looking at this year are:

  1. The Heart Mini half or 15K (depending on ankle health)
  2. The Flying Pig half marathon
  3. Mojo Running Olympic distance triathlon
  4. Either Muncie 70.3 or Ohio 70.3 (hopefully Ohio)
  5. Fleet Feet Wednesday night triathlon (they have 3 of these each summer. I did one last summer and it was so fun! It’s a 750-meter swim, 20-mile bike, then a 5K run, if I recall)
  6. I would like to do one bike race, either Ride Cincinnati or Pelotonia in Columbus)
  7. Ironman Louisville

It’s a much lighter load than 2017 was which I’m okay with. I want this year to be focused more on quality over quantity and I do not want to get burnt out on races since Louisville is so late in the year. I can’t believe is still OVER TEN MONTHS AWAY. Oh well, maybe my ankle will heal by then!

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