What I’m Obsessed With RN

As most people know, I’m very obsessed with shopping. I am truly flying high when I know that there’s a package coming in the mail for me from an online purchase. Here are a couple items that I am really obsessed with RN:

Target over the knee boots

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you know over the knee boots are the thing these days (and if you didn’t know that then I apologize). Most pairs have a heel which I don’t care for because I’m already a giant as it is. Also, most pairs are like over $200 which I ain’t about. HOWEVER. Target has amazing over the knee boots! They’re only $40, but Target has sales on their shoes like all the time so I’m sure you could get them cheaper. AS A MATTER OF FACT, THEY’RE ON SALE RIGHT NOW FOR $33 GO GO GO!!! I like them because they don’t have a heel AND they almost go over my knee. Like they hit the middle of my knee which is the closest to “over the knee” I have ever gotten so I am very happy about it. I personally own the tan and the black and will probably purchase the charcoal ones at some point. I have worn them almost every day since like October and they still look great and haven’t stretched at all!! They look super cute with dresses, jeans, or leggings! Check them out here.

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Baublebar Monogram Necklace

Okay so I will admit this is one of the more expensive things I have bought. Or expensive for what it is. I have always wanted one of these necklaces though, so that’s how I justified it. Baublebar allows you to personalize your own necklace by chain length and metal (gold or silver), size of the monogram, and color of the monogram. They have TONS of options for monogram color. I went with a gold chain, white monogram, in the largest size, and 18″ chain. I waited until their black Friday sale and got it for $54 instead of $88. I wear it almost every day despite the men at work asking me what the letters mean LOL. The one I have is made from acrylic, but they also have the option to get an all gold or all silver monogram for a more expensive price. Check it out here.


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Barrington Gifts Bag

SPEAKING OF MONOGRAMS…. This was my big purchase with some of my hard earned Christmas money. I’m obsessed. Again, this is something you get to personalize all on your own! You can pick out the pattern of the bag, whether or not you want your monogram on it (it’s more expensive for the monogram), the color of the stripe down the bag, the style of the monogram, and the color of the monogram. This bag is very spacious which is great for lugging around all my crap! Also, the price is insanely reasonable at $180, plus free shipping. If you sign up for their emails you get 10% off so I only ended up spending $160 something on a nice bag that will last forever. Check them out here.

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Steve Madden Lancer Sneaker

I’ve been looking into some sneakers that aren’t my Hoka running shoes or my basic bitch white Converse. As much as I love the Converse, they don’t have that athleisure vibe I’ve been longing for (LOL I am so basic). My cousin got a pair of these for Christmas and I immediately fell in love and totally copied her. I love these for a more casual look, but still SO comfy to walk around in. I plan on wearing them this weekend when I go to San Francisco and will be walking around a lot. Plus, they have a super trendy and unique look. OH AND they’re only $70 which I personally don’t think is bad at all (especially when you had a gift card to that store hehe). Check them out here.

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