Carol's Thoughts

Looming Government Shutdown

So the government might shut down this weekend. This is nothing new though, the government threatens to shut down about every other week thanks to this administration. What that means for me is that I won’t be able to go to work for an uncertain amount of time AAAANNNDDD I don’t get paid.  Well, I’ll still get my next paycheck since I worked those hours, but I won’t get paid for the time that the government is shut down.


Why couldn’t they have planned this shut down for when it was warm out? At least if it were warm out I could just bike every day or something. Nope, going to be cold and rainy all week next week! So I can’t do ANYTHING. Also, they never know how long it’s going to be shut down for, so it’s not like I can plan some fun trip or anything.

I’m slightly panicking I won’t lie. I have bills to pay! It’s hard to pay for rent, utilities, food, gas, student loans, etc when you don’t have any money! I should also mention that I had planned on signing up for some races AND I have to finish paying off my Ironman payment for Ironman Louisville next month! AND I have to pay for my scuba class (yes, this is a necessity… even more so than food).

I don’t want to just sit at home all day! That’s so boring! Do people offer jobs by the week? Should I look into a temporary sugar daddy situation? Should I sit on the street corner with a soggy cardboard sign that reads “the government shutdown and now I can’t afford scuba class. Anything helps.” Maybe I’ll steal all my groceries. Just buy them all at the self-checkout and say that everything that I’m buying is bananas (because bananas are the cheapest produce duhh).

My mom is pestering me to look for a temporary job because she doesn’t want to have to give me money. Which is understandable. But like…. I really don’t think anyone is going to be able to hire me and get me on the schedule within like 2 days. Also, I’m sure they won’t want to hire me knowing I am just going to have to quit super abruptly when the government reopens. What if the government reopens in like 2 days!?

BUT ANYWAY. If someone DOES want to hire me as a temporary day laborer let me know! I have a couple of skills. I can write stuff if you’re into that. I can probably carry up to 50 pounds. I have an Ohio Class D driver’s license. I could be your hype man and just walk around with you all day giving you compliments. On a similar note, I could walk around with you all day and take candid photos of you for you Instagram! I can clean stuff but not if it’s too gross/ not a bathroom. I know how to swim. I like to pet dogs and cats. Proficient in Microsoft Office.

So if any of those skills listed above are need by you or anyone you know, please contact me!

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