My Current Training Situation

My race schedule is almost completely official! Two days ago I signed up for the Flying Pig half marathon, which will be my 5th half. I finally also decided which half Ironman I’m going to do this summer. DRUM ROLL PLEASE…

Ironman 70.3 Steelhead!

I also signed up for this one on Monday! I really, really, really wanted to do Ohio because it’s so easy since I can just stay at my boyfriend’s apartment and don’t have to pay for a hotel room. PLUS, it’s been my fastest race! But I get home from Australia like 2 days before Ohio so I’m thinking I probably will not be in the mood to do a half Iron when I’m jet lagged like 16 hours. I also thought about doing Muncie again but that one is like ON the day I would be leaving for Australia so obviously that would not work.

Steelhead should be fun though! It’s mid-August which is exactly 2 months before my full Ironman and I heard the best time to do a half during training for a full is two months before! HOW PERFECT. Steelhead is in Benton Harbor, Michigan which is only about 4-4.5 hours away. PLUS, the swim is in Lake Michigan which I am VERY excited for! There’s like actually waves n shit. Apparently some years they have to cancel the swim because it’s so choppy and/or too cold (they best not cancel it this year). I’m excited for a challenging swim!

People have been asking me what I’ve been doing for training lately, especially with these cold temperatures. Honestly, it’s still the off season so not much LOL. I probably won’t start seriously training for the Ironman until April because that’ll be 6 months of training (I think any more than 6 months would burn me out). Mostly what I have been doing for work outs is a lot of indoor bike rides on my trainer, I usually do a ~3,000-yard swim like once a week, and I have been lifting a lot (I’m hoping all of this lifting will help prevent running injuries, but like if I happened to get more toned in the process I won’t be mad). The indoor trainer rides are kind of a bummer because they are SO BORING, but it randomly got kind of warm here so I was able to bike outside on Sunday and plan on doing it again Friday (it’s going to be 56 and sunny!)


I like to plan my workouts ahead of time to keep them organized! Here is an example of what a week of workouts might look like for me right now. This is next week’s plan.

I haven’t been able to run in over two months because of this weird ankle/peroneal tendon pain. Then, when it finally stopped hurting, it was like two degrees and snowy outside. BUTTTTTT I ran for the first time yesterday and I was totally pain free!!!!!!! I mean I only went two miles BUT STILL. Also, I was worried because this pain was usually worse after the run but I had no pain last night or today! WOOHOO!  So I will start slowly adding in more running to my training as well.

So basically I plan on continuing this routine to stay in shape until April. Then shit gets real.

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