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14 Random Facts About Me

Hi! So I’ve been trying to write on this blog more often, as it was my New Year’s resolution and I think I have been doing a decent job! I wanted to write a post with some fun/ weird facts about me in case you don’t know me very well or at all! Plus, I feel like all I talk about are triathlons so here are some not-triathlon Carol fun facts:

  1. I am 5’10.75” but I usually just round up to 5’11” when I tell people my height. People always ask me if played basketball or volleyball. Absolutely not. I suck at any sports that require balls. Also swimming for 15 years really took up my time! Some of my biggest tall person pet peeves: when girls who are 5’7” complain about being tall. Like first of all no. You’re an average height, clothes were literally meant for people your height, maybe you can complain when all of your jeans are too short (sorry that was very angry). I also hate when people think I’m like lying about my height? “There is NO WAY you’re 5’11! I am 5’9” and we’re like the same height!” Like okay, you can call my doctor and he will verify?
  2. Growing up, I always wanted to be a meteorologist or a storm chaser. I was (and still am) OBSESSED with weather and storms. Unfortunately, I realized meteorology is a lot of physics and math. If there is one thing I CANNOT do it is math and physics (and chemistry). So I had to drop that dream real quick.
  3. I have a strong annoyance about blowing air or drafts. I HATE fans or air vents blowing on me. I also hate wind. I think because I hate being cold and I also hate the feeling of my hair getting blown around and tickling my face. The ONLY time I ever like air blowing on me is if it’s like 100 degrees outside and I’m in my car. I think the worst feeling EVER is when someone has the AC in their car blowing on my feet. Who wants cold feet? What kind of a monster made that a setting!?
  4. I basically eat the same thing every single night for dinner, and have for the past like 3 years. It sounds gross but I love it and it’s healthy. I make quinoa, then sauté Brussel sprouts and broccoli and throw that on top, then sprinkle on a little shredded cheese. SO GOOD. Plus, it takes me like 10 minutes to make!
  5. My dad and my boyfriend’s dad went to the same high school and graduated the same year. It wasn’t even a large class either! They knew each other but they weren’t friends or anything.
  6. Speaking of weird family things, both of my grandma’s names are Carol and they both have son’s named Scott (so I have two uncle Scotts). Oh, and they both had the same doctor deliver their babies. So my mom and my dad were both birthed by the same doctor!
  7. My great grandmother on my dad’s side was the first woman to get her driver’s license in the state of Massachusetts
  8. Another weird family thing! My stepdad works at the EPA which is also where I work! He has been working here for years, before he even knew my mom. Then, I just happened to also get a job here! We are in completely different divisions and floors, but I still see him from time to time. Also, pretty much everyone here knows each other so it’s funny to blow people’s minds when I tell them he’s my stepdad!
  9. My boyfriend and I started dating on our study abroad trip in the Bahamas after only knowing each other less than two weeks. We’ve been dating almost 5 years now, so obviously even after knowing him such a short time, I made a good choice! We also had our first kiss sitting on a beach, under the stars. ~*~rOmAnTiC*~*
  10. I consider myself to be pretty good at drawing and painting but I HATE art. Well, I hate art museums. I think they are the most boring, pretentious places on earth. I PARTICULARLY hate contemporary art. If you ever want to see me super annoyed, just take me to the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati. Last year I went there and one of the “””””art”””””” pieces was just a room full of TVs showing some weird black and white documentary with no sound. Yeah okay. Another room literally had a trashcan full of trash in the middle of the room. They had to put a sign on it saying that it was art and to not throw your trash away in it. If you NEED A SIGN telling people that it’s art, then it’s stupid and not art. I only go to these museums because my boyfriend enjoys them (soooo cultured) and these are the sacrifices you make for love, I supposed.
  11. Eyebrows are very important to me. I think they can really make or break your face. I tend to my eyebrows quite frequently, I tweeze them once a week and comb and fill them in with an eyebrow pencil every morning. I’ve never had mine waxed before because I do not trust my eyebrows in the hands of another person. Also, don’t judge me, but I even fill them in before I do races! Only because it takes me like 2 seconds to do, it stays on the entire race, and I know I will be taking a photo at the end and I know I’m going to look super ugly so I may as well have one thing that looks nice!
  12. My favorite animal are lambs/ sheep. I refuse to eat lamb because of this.
  13. I’ve never had Strep throat, broken a bone, or had poison ivy. What can I say? I’m truly #blessed. But I get about 3 ear infections a year on average, and have ever since I was a child.
  14. When I was little, my younger brother and I were weirdly obsessed with tumbleweeds. One time, we were playing in the woods and found someone’s really old, dead, dried up Christmas tree from like 8 months prior and we dragged it all the way home because we legit thought it was a tumbleweed.

Anyway, those are 14 completely random facts about me! And if you were interested enough in my life to read through all of them, then bless you (and you have too much time on your hands)(JK you rock ILYSM thank you)!



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