Carol's Thoughts

Update on Lent

So I am day 3 into my Lenten ~*~jOuRNeY*~

If you forgot, in my last post I decided I would be giving up sweets for Lent but since I’m a wild woman who doesn’t play by the rules, my own personal Lent started this past Tuesday (so I would have some time to eat my Valentine’s Day treats).

I won’t lie to you; it’s not going so well. People have brought in donuts TWICE this week. It’s kind of a rare occurrence that anyone brings in donuts ever, BUT TWICE IN ONE WEEK? It’s like they knew I was trying to give up sweets and wanted to test me.

Well, I failed the test. I had a donut yesterday and today. Yesterday’s donut was only a HALF of a donut though so that shouldn’t really count. Plus, it was someone’s birthday and I was one of only a select few who were special enough to be CCed on the “DONUTS IN OFFICE 386” email. So honestly I would have looked like an asshole if I didn’t get one.

The one I had this morning was jelly filled, so basically I had a serving of fruit I think and it shouldn’t count either.

If I’m being honest with myself, I think the foods that fall under the umbrella of “sweets” is too vast. I think I started off a little too aggressively.

Some may say that I’m cheating, but I am switching things up from giving up sweets to simply giving up candy. I know for some people this seems a billion times easier, but I don’t think anyone understands how much candy I eat. I usually always have a couple pieces after lunch, then some after dinner too. BUT, guess what? I haven’t had any candy since SUNDAY. I even got a huge bag of Dove milk chocolate squares for Valentine’s Day and haven’t even opened them yet!

So anyway, baby steps. Hopefully just giving up candy is something I can actually stick to!

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