Carol's Thoughts

March is the worst month

Hello everyone! I realize I haven’t written a post in quite a while. It’s not like I was super busy or forgot, I just truly have nothing exciting going on to talk about.

So I have decided to post a complaint.

I have it on good authority that March is the absolute WORST month of the year. Oh you wanna argue that January is worse? No. January has TWO holidays (New Years and MLK Day) and there is still so much hope of change lingering in the air thanks to New Year resolutions and “new year, new me” crap.

February kind of sucks too but at least the whole month is like 6 days long.

The reason why March is the worst is threefold:

FIRST: it is long as hell. I mean, I guess it’s just as long as some of the other months, it’s not like 32 days long or something. BUT, the fact that a 31-day month occurs RIGHT AFTER the shortest month really makes it drag.

SECOND: there is not one single federal holiday! There is no break from the terriblness that is March. St. Patrick’s Day is fine, but you don’t get work off for it! It’s a fun holiday and everything but it’s basically a day spent drinking. Plus, this year it’s on a Saturday and honestly there’s a 75% chance I am going to be drinking on a Saturday anyway, the only difference is that this time I will have a green tongue.

THIRDLY. MOTHER NATURE IS A COLD ASS BITCH. Consider this morning for example. I opened my curtains, as I do every morning before I leave for work, and you know what I saw??????? A fucking snowstorm. You expect March to be the beginning of spring. Hope is finally in the air as you feel the seasonal depression slowly lifting from your shoulders. There are always days in March that are 72 and sunny and beautiful and you think you finally see the light of spring at the end of the tunnel. BUT HAHA JUST KIDDING. Because the next day, you’ll wake up to 3 inches of snow on the ground and immediately want to throw yourself out of your third story apartment window. Seriously, I biked outside Tuesday because it was 60 degrees. Today’s high is 36. I put my winter coat away last week. That is supposed to symbolize the end of spring, damn it.

So anyway, I just wanted to post this to vent about how much I hate March. I apologize if you like March, or if your birthday is in March or something (honestly, I’m sorry your birthday is in such a terrible month). Only 23 more days of this torture…

(Okay, I guess if you’re in college and get a whole week off for spring break then March is pretty nice but whatever, this post is for ADULTS ok? Our lives are hard. Anyway. have a blessed, terrible March day.)

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