Workouts from the week of 3/26

Hello everyone! I haven’t been very good about writing on this blog recently, as nothing exciting has been going on. I also really haven’t had any funny stories to tell either.

BUT ANYWAY. I’ve been thinking that maybe every Monday I will start posting the workouts that I did the previous week. I will be starting Ironman training in a little over a month so I think posting will be interesting for keeping track of my workouts. Also, this will force me to post something at least once a week! ALSO, I personally love seeing other peoples’ workouts. I have no idea why.

So here is a short recap of my week last week:

Monday: Indoor bike trainer ride for 32 minutes, lifted lower body for about 40 minutes

Tuesday: Lifted upper body (was going to run after but it was POURING rain and I don’t run on treadmills)

Wednesday: 1-hour bike trainer ride indoors

Thursday: Lifted lower body for about 45 minutes and did abs

Friday: Ran 8.2 miles

Saturday: Rest day but I went for about a 3-mile walk

Sunday: 1-hour bike trainer ride

I am getting extremely sick of riding my trainer and really want to ride outside again, but it’s too DAMN COLD. Seriously. Tomorrow is supposed to be 74 BUT it’s supposed to storm all day so I can’t exactly bike in that (I can’t complain too much since I love storms). I am planning on biking outside today. The high is going to be about 50 which is exactly the lowest temperature where I will bike outside SO we shall see how that goes! I just get SO DAMN BORED biking inside, even with Netflix on. Ugh.

I also plan on swimming a couple times this week. I took about two weeks off from swimming because I had swimmer’s shoulder! (seriously swam for like 15 years and never had shoulder pain, guess I’m getting old?) Swimmer’s shoulder is basically just inflammation, so with some stretching and ibuprofen, I am back to normal!

PS: I use my Garmin Forerunner 920xt watch to keep track of all my workouts! I’m not just like some Rainman freak who can remember everything I did last week.

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