Workouts from 4/2-4/8

Hello friends! It’s time for a weekly update of my workouts etc. from April 2- April 9!

The weather finally started sucking a little less (except today there was like an inch of snow on the ground when I woke up). I mean it’s still a little cold, but highs are now pretty consistently in the 40s or higher and not in the 30s. I was a little disappointed because last Tuesday there was supposed to be huge thunderstorm outbreak and I was super hype all day then barely anything happened. BUT WHATEVER.

And on Saturday I had my first scuba class!! We spent the first few hours out of the water discussing the basics of scuba diving. Then, after lunch WE GOT TO GO INTO A POOL AND ACTUALLY SCUBA DOVE. I mean the pool was like 8 feet deep BUT STILL I BREATHED UNDERWATER PEOPLE. LITERALLY I WAS BORN TO BREATHE UNDERWATER. I still have class for the next two Saturdays, then I get like half certified. Then in the summer, we go out to a quarry in Kentucky and finish the certification with 4 open water dives.

Oh, and on Saturday night I saw Quiet Place (the scary movie with Emily Blunt (bae) and John Krazinski (also bae) AND IT WAS SO AMAZING OMG HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

SO ANYWAY. Those were like the highlights of my week. Here were my workouts!

Monday- 20-mile outdoor bike ride

Tuesday- Lifted lower body and abs (wasn’t a great workout because I was more focused on the weather than actually lifting)

Wednesday- Lifted upper body and abs, then swam 1200 yards

Thursday- ran 5 miles

Friday- 9-mile outdoor bike ride (wanted to go longer but I had a flat tire which led me to find out that, not only was there a hole in my tube, but also in the actual tire itself. I had to go to the bike store to buy new tube and tire. Then I was meeting a friend for dinner so my time got cut short, and let’s be real, dinner is more fun than biking.)

Saturday- Rest day! (Unless you count the small amount of swimming I did in scuba class LOL)

Sunday- Ran 9.5 miles

I am planning on changing my lifting routine soon. Instead of focusing one whole day on upper body, then another whole day on lower body, I’m going to do a full body routine. Because let’s be honest, lifting really isn’t going to be that important to Ironman training but I still want to maintain strength. So if I lift 2-3 times a week I should be good. I plan on focusing mostly on squats, deadlifts, hip thrusts, shoulder press stuff, rows, bicep curls, and abs.

Also, I have had this pain in my left shin bone area that I have been convincing myself is probably just shin splints. But part of me thinks maybe tibial stress fracture. BUT I mean I ran 9.5 miles on it yesterday and it kind of aches/ sharp pain in the area but never hurts bad enough that I have to stop running. SO WHO KNOWS. Also, I have been running with this pain for like two months and it really hasn’t gotten much worse, nor has it gotten better.

ANYWAY, looking forward to another great week of workouts! And my fun aunt will be in town from California this weekend so YAY! Have a great week y’all. Peace n’ blessins.

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