Carol's Thoughts

Summer 2018 Bucket List

I am so damn excited for summer and warmer weather. Each year I like to come up with a bucket list of what I want to do this summer and I have decided to post it here to perhaps to give other people some fun ideas for things to do in the Cincinnati/ Columbus areas!

  1. Try every brewery in Cincinnati (and then write a blog post reviewing them all)
  2. Go camping/ backpacking one weekend (prefer to do this at Red River Gorge)
  3. Day trip to Athens/ Hocking Hills (there is a brewery bike tour in Athens where you can bike like 20 miles and hit up 9 or 10 breweries!)
  4. Spend a weekend in Chicago
  5. Go to the Rhinegeist 5th anniversary party and get super lit like I do every year
  6. Go to a Red’s game, Cincinnati FC game, and Columbus Clippers game (and a Chicago Cubs game if I get the chance to go to Chicago)
  7. Go to Brewhaha and Cincinnati BeerFest
  8. Go floating on the Little Miami River (did this a couple summers ago and it was the funnest- we did it at 50 West (yes, the brewery) and it was only like $16!)
  9. Play more badminton! I bought a badminton set last summer and only played ONCE. Ugh.
  10. Go to the Memorial golf tournament. I have always wanted to do this but still haven’t!! Plus, I could potentially see my bae Jordan Spieth in person
  11. BONUS ENTRY- Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef (LOL already signed up for this one)

So basically it would appear that I would like to spend my entire summer drinking beer and being outside. TBH, doesn’t sound like a bad summer to me!!


Also, TOTAL side note, but since I forgot to post this on Monday, here is what my week of training looked like last week:

Monday- Lifted lower body, followed by a 2,800-yard swim

Tuesday- Lifted upper body and abs

Wednesday- Rode 30 mile OUTSIDE!!! Followed by a 2-mile run

Thursday- Swam 3,300 yards in the morning because I went to Tunes and Blooms at the Zoo Thursday eve

Friday- Biked 34 miles OUTSIDE AGAIN

Saturday- Had scuba class so I didn’t do anything!

Sunday- Ran 6.5 miles

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