A complaint + weekly workouts

I HAVE A COMPLAINT. I typically always bike on the Little Miami Bike Trail. It has lovely scenery and I don’t have to worry about getting hit by cars. Now, some parts of the trail can get a little crowded which is understandable, especially on a nice day. Yesterday, I went for a ride with some friends. We were up near Loveland which is arguably the most crowded section of the 80-mile-long trail. Bike trail etiquette requires cyclists to say “on your left!” to people up ahead to let them know that you will be passing them ON THEIR LEFT. When you hear a cyclist yell ‘on your left!” move to the RIGHT, don’t move to the left unless you want to get hit by a bike.

When we were going through Loveland yesterday, we slowed way down because of how many people there were in that area. However, we were still on bikes and moving faster than people just walking. I cannot tell you how many people just stand and chat on the trail. We were coming up quickly on this group of like 5 people who were standing directly in the middle of trail talking. We were all yelling “on your left!” to these bitches and somehow they didn’t hear us???? Like are ya stupid or just deaf??? So finally at the last second they got out of our way and I heard one woman say something bitchy about how there should be separate lane for people on bikes. THIS IS THE LITTLE MIAMI *******BIKE********TRAIL. NOT THE LITTLE MIAMI STANDING TRAIL YOU STUPID HOE.

Sorry, I was just very annoyed about the whole thing. I clip into my pedals so basically if I slow down too much and don’t have time to unclip to put my foot down, I will fall over and it will hurt. I’m sorry that cyclists yell to get you out of our way, but like just move over?? We don’t want to crash into you or fall over because your selfish ass won’t step two feet over to get off the trail to have your conversation. K THANKS.

Okay I just needed to vent.

BUT ANYWAY. Here is what my week of workouts looked like last week:

Monday- lifted lower body and swam 1,100 yards  (I was planning on doing more but kept getting distracted LOL)

Tuesday- lifted upper body and abs, did the rowing machine

Wednesday- biked 22 miles followed by a 2-mile run

Thursday- swam 3,300 yards and lifted full body

Friday- rest day!

Saturday– ran 10.2 miles

Sunday- biked 40 miles

All in all, it was a great week of training! I had been having shin pain in my left leg and went to the doctor because I was pretty sure it was a stress fracture because of how it hurt. She did an MRI (if you have been following my blog, you might realize my doctor REALLY likes to prescribe MRIs) and it came back clear so she thinks probably just a shin split. HOWEVER, I think I finally figured out what was causing it! When I bought my most recent pair of running shoes in November, I had mentioned my extremely high arches. The lady at the running store was super hyper and trying to get me to spend more money. She suggested that I get inserts. I agreed, which was dumb considering I really had never had problems with my feet or lower legs before. I also had bought the same make and model of shoes as always because they had never given me issues SO WHY DID I BUY THE INSERTS.

Well anyway, I took December and January off of running and when I came back, that’s when the shin pain started. I attributed the pain to coming back to running, not the inserts. FINALLY, I figured out that it could be the inserts considering the time frame. I didn’t realize my high arches cause me to supinate (my feet roll a little more outwards instead of inwards). I looked at the bottoms of my old running shoes and they were super worn on the outside which is the telltale sign of supinating. The inserts were pushing my feet out EVEN MORE which caused the pain. I wish I had realized this sooner.

Saturday morning, I took the inserts out and put in the original neutral ones that the shoes came with. It was the first time in so long that I ran without tight ankles or feeling that nagging shin pain!!! I AM SO EXCITED BECAUSE I CAN STILL DO THE FLYING PIG IN TWO WEEKS!! I think after the Pig, I am going to take 2-3 weeks off of running to let this shin thing heal but I think when I do go back to running, it’ll be fine! My official Ironman training starts like the first week of June so that will give me list 3 weeks where I can rest from running.

So anywho. I have a busy week this week, but it’s all fun stuff! I am going to have to work in my workouts around these other activities, or hell, I might not even get my workouts in some of the days. BUT THAT IS OKAY BECAUSE LIFE IS ABOUT BALANCE. SOMETIMES I WANNA EAT LIKE SHIT AND SOMETIMES I WOULD RATHER HANGOUT WITH A FRIEND THAN BIKE AND THAT IS PERFECTLY FINE.

K thanks for reading and have a blessed week.

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