Flying Pig 13.1 Race Report

pig 2018It is the day after the Flying Pig and my legs are so sore that I’m waddling like a penguin when I walk. It’s my own damn fault. I never stretch after races because I am always too excited to go eat food and my cheer squad is waiting for me (aka my parents aka the people who are going to buy me food) so I feel bad making them wait long.

I left my apartment at 5:30am and found a parking garage that was about a 10-minute walk to the starting line. I always get to races super early because I’m always very flustered about the parking situation. When I got down to the starting line, it was about 5:50 and I decided to stand in line for a porta potty to have my pre-race nervous pee. I drink way too much water the night before/ morning of to NOT pee before the race. I waited in this god damn toilet line literally until the race started at 6:30. At 6:29 I entered the stall and then exited the stall at 6:30 literally as the starting gun went off. Luckily, I was in corral C which started third so I had some time to get to where I was supposed to be. I have to say the most annoying thing about the porta potty line was this old guy who clearly was not even running the race went into one of the stalls like 3 minutes before the race started. There were like at least 15 runners waiting in line behind me. THIS GUY WASN’T EVEN RUNNING and he was going to take up 1 of the 6 porta pottys from the panicked runners who were flustered about missing the start???? Seriously?? He couldn’t have waited 10 more minutes until the runners were gone to use the bathroom? It was very rude.

ANYWAY. The race itself went very well! I felt great the whole time pretty much. Except for mile 6-7 because that’s when the race goes up the hill past the casino, then you go up ANOTHER hill past the WCPO building, then you turn the corner to go into Eden Park which is up ANOTHER hill, then while you’re in Eden Park, the whole park is also uphill. I refused to walk any part of the race though, so I pushed myself up those hills to the point of feeling like I was going to vomit. Once we left Eden Park, it was pretty much downhill for the rest of the race minus a couple rollers.

At mile 8 I got to see my mom, stepdad, and boyfriend which gave me an extra boost of excitement which I really needed after those hills. Plus, that was also the part of the race where half marathon splits off to the left and the full marathon goes to the right. I was EXTREMELY happy to only be doing a half this year. I’m pretty sure I smiled for the next 5 miles of the race simply because I was so god damn happy to not be doing the full.

Miles 8-13 flew by pretty quickly. My knees started to get a little sore and I could feel blisters forming on the bottoms of my feet, but this is nothing new. By mile 11 I was extremely hype. All I could think was that there were only two miles left. TWO MILES. That is literally nothing at all. I was looking at my splits and miles 11 and 12 were like 30 seconds faster than my average pace for the race.

I kept looking at my watch convinced I was going to beat my best time of 1 hour 55 minutes. However, when I crossed the finish line, I realized I went 1:57. Close, but not close enough. Oh well, I was happy with it. PLUS, I ran my fastest half time during the Heart Mini, which is just like out and back on a highway with only one big hill thrown in. The Pig is way hillier. I would like to do a half in Columbus or somewhere where it’s flat so I can really see how fast I can go!

Anyway, all in all it was a fun race. The weather was perfect (prolly a little too hot for people doing the full), the crowd support was awesome, the race shirts weren’t ugly for once, and the snacks from the race expo were lit. I am already excited for next year’s Pig! Will I be doing a half or a full??? Stay tuned to find out! (also to be frank, I have no fucking clue yet)

Have a blessed week.

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