What I Eat in a Day

As Ironman training is going to be in full swing here in a matter of weeks, I’ve been working to eat more on a daily basis.

I try to eat really healthy (at least Monday through Thursday I do LOL) because obviously when I eat better, I feel better.

SO, here is a look into what I eat in a day.

Breakfast: coffee with 1 tablespoon of Nut Pod creamer (YO, y’all gotta try this stuff. I was drinking my coffee black before BUT this creamer is made of like nut milk n’ shit. It has no sugar, 1 gram of fat, and some carbs but it tastes SO GOOD. Way better than black coffee), and I make a banana, pineapple, and spinach smoothie:

  • 1 frozen banana
  • ¾ cup diced frozen pineapple
  • Big ole handful of spinach (I fuckin’ HATE raw spinach HOWEVER, the banana really hides the flavor of dirt and tree)
  • 1 tablespoon of chia seeds
  • A cup or two of vanilla unsweetened almond milk

Mid-morning snack: hardboiled egg & baby carrots dipped in hummus

Lunch: Morningstar veggie burger, a whole roasted sweet potato, and asparagus

(My lunch varies every week. I usually make something with ground turkey like meatballs, or something. But I meal prepped on Monday this week and didn’t have much time so I went with the frozen veggie burgers because it was easy)

Lunch dessert: usually a small piece of chocolate or candy OR ¼ of a Lenny & Larry’s cookie (okay I promise I’m not being a pussy; these cookies are GINORMOUS so ¼ is still a good amount)

Afternoon snack: usually either natural peanut butter on rice cakes OR a packet of oatmeal OR nothing.  It depends on what my workout is that day. Today I’m biking 50 miles so I brought oatmeal because I thought more carbs would be ideal.

Workout snack: if I’m going for a long bike ride, I usually bring a Clif Bar or Honey Stinger waffle

Dinner: Quinoa bowl (I eat the same exact thing every night)

  • ¾ cup of dry quinoa
  • 1.5 cups of low sodium chicken broth (to boil the quinoa in)
  • Sautéed broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and mushrooms in olive oil
  • Sprinkle the bowl with shredded cheddar cheese

After dinner: 1 scoop of Quest protein powder (right now I have the cookies and cream flavor, HIGHLY recommend) mixed with vanilla unsweetened almond milk (regular milk hurts my tummy 😦 BOO HOO)

Dessert: usually some Halo Top ice cream (y’all know I love that shit) or a piece of Dove dark chocolate if I have any OR nothing because I try not to keep sweets in the apartment because I have a serious addiction to sweets (ALTHOUGH, after I “gave up candy for lent” (let’s be real I still ate candy BUT not as much) I’ve noticed I don’t crave sugar as intensely).

So yesterday, I pretty much ate exactly everything listed here, except my only afternoon snack was a Honey Stinger waffle before I went for a swim. I ate 2,197 calories- 314g carbs, 76g fat, and 98g protein. I burned around 620 calories during my swim which left me at a 600 calorie deficit for the day (prolly too much). Once I start really intense training, like two-a-days, I’m going to have to up my calories.

Anywho, I sure as hell am not a nutrition expert by any means. I just really like reading other peoples’ blog posts about what they eat in a day so I wanted to write one. SO if you don’t care about what I eat, then I’m sorry I wasted your time but honestly it was right there in the title, so I don’t wanna hear any complaints. Okay bye!

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