Mojo Triathlon Race Report

Helloooooo everyone!

I had a pretty exciting weekend. I completed my scuba certification! I am officially a PADI certified open water diver so that’s pretty cool. Also, my older brother came into town for the week which means we have fun stuff planned all week!

Additionally, on Sunday, I did my fifth Olympic distance triathlon (1-mile swim, 24.8 mile bike, 6.2 run). This was my fifth Olympic, but my third time doing this specific race.  I’m not going to lie, I pretty much crushed it. My time was 2 hours and 44 minutes, which is like 15 minutes faster than I went at this race last year and the year before. The bike course for this race is pretty hilly so I think that’s why my times in the past weren’t the best. HOWEVER, my fastest Olympic time ever is 2 hours 42 minutes and that was from a race in Columbus which is almost completely flat so I was pretty happy with being close to the time. ALSO, my bike time from yesterday was the fastest I have ever gone in an Olympic! I have been really focusing on biking lately and been putting on the miles and I think it’s starting to show!

So anyway.

The swim: For this race, instead of starting in the water in a big group, we lined up single file based on how fast we thought we would go and then they started each of us about 3-5 seconds apart. I lined up second which I think was perfect. The guy who lined up first was really fast and like took off during the swim. The people who were 3rd and 4th in line behind me were two men who almost caught me but I stayed ahead the whole time.

The swim was decent. It was wetsuit legal which I don’t always like because I feel like my wetsuit pulls down on my shoulders and makes it harder for me to bring my arms up during the stroke. Also, the wetsuit makes my neck chafe for some reason. Now I know I don’t HAVE to wear the wetsuit but it does make you more buoyant and I think it gives you an advantage. So if everyone else is wearing one, then I am definitely wearing mine.

I ended up going 22 minutes 55 seconds in the swim, which put me as the fastest woman swimmer overall and the fourth fastest out of everyone.

Bike: There are two parking lots at the park where the race was. One is closer to the water than the other. The past two years, they have put the transition area in the parking lot closer to the water which makes more sense. This year, they decided to put transition further from the water which I did not like. We basically had to run like a half mile barefoot from the water to the transition area! However, they did have wetsuit strippers (volunteers who help you pull off your wetsuit) which I really liked.

Once in transition, I pretty much follow the exact routine: put wetsuit, cap, and goggles into pile, quickly throw on socks and cycling shoes, then put on my helmet and sunglasses and then I am off. I think my transition was about a minute!

I always forget how hilly the bike course is for this race. I had a couple friends doing this race for the first time and they were asking about the bike course. I told them it was pretty flat with a couple of hills. HA. Well they probably hate me now for being a damn liar!! I think maybe I had PTSD from these hills and blocked them from my mind or something because this course is definitely really hilly. The course is out and back twice, but when you’re going out there is this one section that is literally like two miles of going uphill. I definitely need to work on hills… I think my Ironman in Louisville is going to be very hilly. Also, coming back on the course there was a pretty bad headwind. Even so, I still managed to pull off my fastest Olympic bike time!

Run: Going into the transition area from the bike, I was the third female so far! I usually fall way behind on the bike and get passed by tons and tons of people. But not too many people passed me during this race! I think total maybe 10 people passed me on the bike, 2 of which were women.

I dismounted off my bike and ran it into transition. I racked my bike, switched to my running shoes, took off my helmet and sunglasses, then threw on my hat, then I was off for the run. Starting the run, I felt awesome. I felt like I hadn’t even biked. I usually feel awful during the first mile or so during the run but not yesterday! I fell into a relaxed pace of about 9:05.

This run course is flat minus two medium-sized hills. The worst part of this course though, is that there is absolutely no shade whatsoever. Yesterday we got lucky and it was pretty overcast on the run, PLUS the headwind I had mentioned during the bike felt pretty good during the run! This run course is two 3-mile loops. The whole first loop, I was holding that 9:05 pace and was feeling awesome and never even thought about stopping to walk at all.

During the second loop, I slowed my pace down a bit because my legs were getting super tired. My goal was to run the entire 6.2 miles even if that meant a really slow jog. My pace only slowed to about 9:30-9:45 and I was able to hold that for the whole second lap. I did stop to walk once at an aid station because I really wanted Gatorade and it’s very hard to drink and run and I didn’t want to get all sticky.

My run time ended up being 57 minutes 55 seconds which is actually not too bad for me for a 10K.

I really gave this race everything I had. Sometimes I feel like during the bike portion of races, I am afraid to push too hard because I don’t want to have tired legs on the run. Well, yesterday I pushed super hard on the bike and felt awesome on the run. I also feel like I usually end up walking a lot during the run because I psych myself out. Yesterday, whenever I felt like walking, I would just think to myself: will I actually die if I keep running? The answer was no. I have done 6 mile runs about a billion times and have never died. I one time ran 26.2 miles and didn’t die, so why wouldn’t I just suck it up and run the whole thing yesterday? Well that thought process worked! I ran the whole 6 miles at a pretty decent pace.

Anyway, I was very happy with my results. My next race will be Ironman 70.3 Steelhead on August 12, just a mere two weeks after I get back from Australia. Then, after that, all of my focus will be on Louisville! Time is flying and I have a busy week of training ahead after my rest day today!

It looks like:

Tuesday: 40 minute interval bike & interval swim

Wednesday: easy 4-5 mile run and strength training

Thursday: Morning 3000 yard swim (going to The Precinct Thursday evening for dinner and  I am so fucking excited I have never eaten that fancy before)

Friday: 45 minute interval run and strength training

Saturday: 35- mile bike ride with bae

Sunday: Relaxed 7-8 mile run and 3000 yard swim

I hope y’all have a blessed week and thanks for reading.

Image may contain: Carolyn Carter, smiling, standing and outdoor

The medals for this race sucked this year, but we got thicc ass donuts after, which made up for it.

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