Ironman Louisville Race Week

So I realized I hadn’t posted pretty much anything about my Ironman training. I feel like I should post something about it soon though considering my race IS IN FOUR FUCKING DAYS.

Overall, training went very well. It was super time consuming which could get annoying but I mean it’s not like I have responsibilities to worry about like kids, so that helps. I stuck to the training plan very well with very little slacking off. I haven’t swam as much as the plan calls for but like why would I ya know? I still swim usually twice a week but thrice a week is unnecessary. The only real times I didn’t follow the plan precisely was  on days when I needed to switch my run and bike days due to inclement weather. Oh and I didn’t bike at all when I was in Australia for obvious reasons.

Since the beginning of this year, I have swam 86,600 yards, biked 2,069 miles, and ran 452 miles. I’m most impressed by how far my biking has come! 2,000 miles in one year!? Shit. And I have gotten so much faster! V exciting.

On average I think I spent about 15 hours per week training. Of course, this was higher during the peak weeks and less during the rest weeks. About 3 weeks ago was my biggest weekend with a 100-mile bike ride, an 18-mile run, and a 4,000-yard swim. Two weeks ago was my last big training day with a 70-mile bike ride followed by an hour run (well more like 40 mins because it got too dark outside and I had to stop). I felt amazing on the run though and hopefully I will feel that great on October 14.

ADDITIONALLY, a little side note but I am kind of worried about the weather!  It looks like it will be 60 and rainy. GROSS. I am not equipped for a cold race!!! I already have every detail planned out and this would throw a wrench into my planning!! ALSOOOOOOOOOOO Ironman Chattanooga was the other weekend and THEY CANCELLED THE SWIM. CANCELLED IT. The river was too high and the current made it unsafe to race in. Yo, if they cancel the swim for Louisville I will straight up pollute the Ohio River. Just 100s of millions of gallons of fertilizer, shit and toxic waste. But we needn’t worry. It’s been almost two weeks since then with little rain so I think we should be okay!

People have been asking me what I plan on wearing during the race. For every other triathlon, I would usually wear my one-piece tri suit for the whole thing. Imma be real honest with y’all right now… there is no way in hell my crotch would survive biking 112 miles in that thing. The chamois pad in the shorts is far too small and not padded enough. TBH I’m just trying to be comfy here, not win the whole thing. I am willing to sacrifice 2 extra mins to change.

SO, I plan on wearing swimsuit under my wetsuit for the swim. Then I plan on utilizing the changing tents that they have to switch into my cycling shorts and jersey (the shorts are so comfy plus the jersey has big pockets for my snacks). I also went out and bought arm warmers this weekend for the cold because if I get too warm, they’re easy to pull off and stick into my jersey. Some people suggest wearing a cycling jacket and then just throwing it away if you get too hot… UM WHAT?? I am far too poor to just throw away perfectly good clothing. Then for the run, I plan on changing into my one-piece tri suit. A) because the tri suit is very comfy and B) I want to look like a triathlete, not a runner. Of course this is all subject to change.

What do I plan on eating during the race? WELL, lemme tell ya. For breakfast on race morning I plan on forcing down some Kodiak Cake peanut butter pancakes with maple syrup. I usually eat eggs and toast with peanut butter on race days but I have been eating these pancakes before all my really long training days, so I’m going to stick to it! Then, since I eat breakfast at like 3am, I plan on maybe eating a clif bar before the swim start.

On the bike, I will bring with me a PB&J sandwich which I will eat right away, 2 scoops of Inifinit powder in a water bottle, 2 other plain water bottles, 3-4 Clif gels, another Clif Bar, and Clif Blocks (this post is not sponsored by Clif Bar, but if they wanna sponsor me that’s fine). THEN, at mile 60, there is something called a “special needs bag.” This bag can be filled with whatever your little heart desires! However, anything you leave in this bag and don’t use will be thrown away. So I plan on putting in some extra gels, bars, and blocks, 2 more scoops of Inifinit in a plastic baggy, 3 frozen water bottles to replenish my stock, and then maybe some sort of treat like a candy bar or a Lenny and Larry’s protein cookie. I will probably also put in an extra CO2 cartridge and an extra tube for a tire (that’ll put me like $12 in the hole since we don’t get them back ugh). And MAYBE a fresh pair of socks but I don’t want to get those thrown away either!

For the run, I am bringing my hand water bottle. I plan on bringing maybe some gels with me too, but they offer all Clif products on the course so I don’t really think I need to bring much. At the halfway point on the run is the run special needs bag. This is the same as the bike, where you can put whatever you want in it but whatever you don’t use gets thrown out. I feel as though I may get chilly on the run if it’s raining. Someone suggested buying a shitty $6 long sleeve tee shirt from Walmart, then I won’t feel too bad if I don’t use it! Plus, even if I did use it, I would absolutely take it off and throw it away before the finish. I don’t want to be in some ugly ass tee shirt in my finisher pictures. BYEEE.

So anyway. Clearly this race has consumed my mind heavily for the past week, and my life for the past 20 weeks. I’m so excited for to be over but also sad for it to be over because my life is worthless without having something to train for!! (just kidding- kind of). I guess it will be nice to have a little bit of a break and to start thinking about next year’s races. My plan is the Disney Princess half in February (already signed up), the Flying Pig full marathon in May, then at least 2 or 3 Olympic distances and hopefully 2 half Ironmans!

ANYWAY. This is probably my last post until I do a race report next week. WISH ME LUCK AND KEEP GOOD WEATHER IN UR THOTS N PRAYERS.

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