Indecisive 2019 Race Schedule

Hellooooo everyone!!!

It’s been awhile! A little over a month to be exact since I have last posted on here! Mainly because really nothing has been going on recently. But I thought I would make a post about my 2019 race schedule.

The biggest issue right now with 2019 is my indecisiveness. The full Ironman was one of the top 3 most amazing experiences of my entire life and I want to do one again ASAP. However, it is very expensive. But if I did Ironman Wisconsin, I would have a free place to stay. Another downside is the sheer volume and time spent training. HOWEVER, I really, really enjoyed that part! Which is weird. I liked having a super structured training plan. It was also crazy to see how many miles I racked up during training! It just kind of sucked having to wake up super early on a weekend while your boyfriend is still fast asleep.

I also really want to improve my half Ironman time. This year I only did one half because I was also doing the full and I PRed by like 10 minutes, even with such a slow swim time due to the rough waters in Lake Michigan. So I know I can go even faster. If I don’t do a full this year, then I would have more time and would do two halfs and 2 or 3 Olympics. I only did one Olympic last summer because I just didn’t have enough time while training for the full.

Basically, my summer would be a little more relaxed if I only do halfs and shorter races, but the full was just so great. UGH. BUT I feel like I should take this opportunity to do a full. I am young, I have no kids or responsibilities, my job is super flexible in that I work 9 hour days and have every other Friday off which really, really helped free the rest of my weekend up. I feel like it’s just the perfect time to do as many fulls as I can!

Anyway. Right now, I have been swimming a lot and biking a moderate amount. I have not been running. Back in April, I had a pretty bad pain the middle of my left tibia (shin) and got and MRI on it. the MRI came back clean for a stress fracture and a stress reaction (a precursor to a fracture). I didn’t really get any answers on what it was, but the doc cleared me to keep running. So I did! Luckily, I got through all my training with no issues, though it was still pretty tender every so often, especially to the touch.

After Louisville, that pain came back a little bit worse than before. I mean, it’s kind of to be expected when you put that much stress on your body. I still don’t really know what it is. I tried running on it twice the week after Louisville, but it hurt pretty bad. So, this coming Sunday will be my four-week anniversary of not running. I think I am going to give it two more weeks after that because it really is starting to feel better. And online it says a stress fracture takes about 6-8 weeks to heal (if that is even what it is). It still hurts to press on it, but I can’t feel it when I do anything else. But I also don’t want to start running too soon then hurt it worse because that would really piss me off. PLUS, I have a half marathon in February that I will need to start training for soonish.

SOOOO here is my somewhat tentative race schedule for 2019:

February 24: Disney Princess half marathon (my BFF Natalie is running it with and it is her first half!!)

March 10: Heart Mini half marathon (this is tentative but hard to say no because it’s sooo cheap)

May 5: Flying Pig (still haven’t decided between half and full but I am leaning towards full)

June 2: Zoom Multisport Olympic OR Mojo Olympic on June 9 (I might be going to Namibia in the middle of June for grad school, but I won’t know for sure until January)

June 30- Steelhead 70.3 (this is tentative and depends if I do a full or not)

July 28: Ironman 70.3 Ohio (this is for sure. Whether I do a full or another half I am doing this)

September 8: Ironman Wisconsin (tentative obviously)

September 15: Zoom Multisport Olympic (if I don’t do the full)

There you have it!! Either way it’s going to be expensive AF. I guess I could justify doing Wisconsin since I wouldn’t be signing up for a half and one of the Olympics which would be about $400 right there! I need to make my final decisions before December 15 because if you register after that, you cannot do the payment plan which I will definitely need to do!

Anyway, if you have any sound advice pls lemme know because I am stuck and I HAAAAAAATE making decisions. Thx. God bless.

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