2019 Race Update

I feel like I’ve posted like 4 times about my 2019 race schedule because everything has been so up in the air! In my most recent post I had already signed up for Ohio 70.3, but GUESS WHAT, I can’t even do that race anymore. Luckily Ironman lets you switch races if you signed up early enough, which I did, so I will be doing Steelhead 70.3 this year! I am very excited about it because I did it this past summer and it was probably my favorite race!

The reason I had to switch from Ohio 70.3 to Steelhead 70.3 was because I found out where I will be going for my summer grad school trip. My first choice for my trip was Namibia which is in June, so I signed up for Ohio because it’s in July. I was just being ignorant assuming I would get my first choice. I actually ended up getting placed in my second choice which is Belize. Honestly, I’m not even mad. Belize looks DOPE. The course is all focused on coral reef and marine ecology (which yes this is basically what every course I’ve done so far is about BUT YEAH BECAUSE I LIKE MARINE ECOLOGY). Did you know the blue hole is in Belize? Did you know you can SCUBA DIVE IN THE BLUE HOLE? I’ve already started packing my suitcase.

ANYWAY, back to triathlon stuff.

I also still have not decided about whether or not I will be doing a full Ironman this year. I really want to! But with the government shutdown, I don’t feel like I can justify spending that much money on a race. We’ll see though! The year is still so young. Sadly though, I have missed the deadline to do the payment plan. Maybe I can beg people for some money for my birthday and sign up this summer.

So here is an updated race schedule in case you were interested:

-February 24: Disney Princess half marathon (SO SOON)

-May 5: Flying Pig full marathon (Training will start right after Disney. I fully plan on PRing this race by A LOT. My marathon time in the Ironman was 4:47, which is only 3 minutes slower than my standalone marathon PR… and that was after I had just biked 112 miles so. Also, my paces during long runs are getting pretty fast for me. ALSOOOOO I trained like an idiot for my first marathon)

-June 2: Zoom Racing Olympic triathlon in Columbus

-June 30: Steelhead 70.3 (sadly this means I cannot do the VOA triathlon that I’ve done every summer because it’s the weekend before)

The sad thing is that there really aren’t very many racing options after June. Ohio 70.3 is at the end of July which would have been perfect but obviously I can’t if I’m out of the country! I might do a couple more Olympics in August and September if I don’t do a full. If I do a full I will either do Wisconsin or Louisville again because both are within driving distance of Cincinnati.

One of my goals this year will also be to do a trail race. I probably won’t do anything super long, maybe a 10K or a half. I think my next distance goal will be to run a 50K trail race, which would be considered an ultramarathon! I really just want to be an Ironman AND an ultramarathoner. I don’t think that’s too much to ask, is it? Maybe for my knees it is.

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