2020 Race Report

Oh boy there are A LOT of races out here in California that I want to do in 2020. And guess who doesn’t have a lot of money!? THIS GUY!

Here is my dream race calendar (subject to change and all tentative of course)

March 8: LA Marathon. Why do I want to do this race? Well, I just moved out here and I feel like this is THE race for people in LA. Kind of like the Flying Pig in Cincy. The biggest issue is that there is no half marathon offered. JUST a full. Do I really want to spend my weekends training for another full marathon? (LOL who am I kidding?? OF COURSE I do.) It’s also $180 which is a lot more than I’m used to paying for a marathon, but THAT’S SHOW BIZ BABE.

May 1: Guys. The Wildflower Triathlon (Olympic distance). It’s literally called “the Woodstock of triathlon.” Not only is it a triathlon, it is also a FESTIVAL!!!! CAN YOU IMAGINE!? A whole weekend-long festival of triathletes?! Some of the events of the weekend include, yoga classes, a lifestyle expo, stand up paddle boarding, wine tasting, and live bands. Oddly, registration isn’t open yet so I don’t know how much it costs. But I’m sure it’s a fuckton. It’s also a little far, I think about a 4 hour drive away, but I will do this at some point in my life for sure!

May 17: Triathlon Los Angeles (Olympic distance). Why do I want to do this race? The route is sweet. It’s like the only triathlon that actually goes through the heart of downtown LA. And I live downtown! I could just walk right home after. The swim is at Venice Beach, the bike leaves Venice and goes into downtown, and the run goes through downtown. THAT IS SO COOL. Oh also did I mention that a lot of pro triathletes do this race?? Additionally, I’ve been really thinking about focusing my attention to Olympic distances rather than half Ironmans (don’t worry I’m sure I will still do a couple). The only downside to this race is that it’s $205 to register and the price goes up soon to $225. Most Olympics I have ever done are around the $100 price range. But hey, it is LA right? And let’s be real, the case of FOMO that I would have if I DIDN’T do this race is unfathomable. I can just picture myself in my apartment, watching the race going down the street, and being green with envy. Shit. I think legally I have to do it. I owe it to myself.

September 13: Ironman 70.3 Santa Cruz OR the Malibu Triathlon. They will most likely be on the same weekend (Malibu hasn’t opened registration yet so I don’t know the official date but I would assume it’s that weekend because that’s when it was this year). Ugh. I am so torn about this one. I couldn’t do the Malibu tri this year because it was the same weekend as Superfrog 70.3. Malibu is another one those huge LA races. Like it is THE triathlon for people in southern California. HOWEVER, my aunt lives up in San Jose and I think doing Santa Cruz could potentially turn into a fun lil weekend trip/visit/ maybe my mom could come too and see both of us? I haven’t even asked my aunt yet so don’t mind me. I also don’t know the cost for Malibu yet but I assumed expensive AF???? The Santa Cruz half is probably like $225 for first tier pricing. If Malibu is around the same price then obviously I’m going to do Santa Cruz! More mileage for my money.

End of October: Phil’s Fondo. I’m actually doing this Fondo next Sunday! I’m very excited for it. It’s a cookie-themed bike race. I guess it’s more of a ride than a race. But all the race swag will have cookies on it, there’s gourmet cookies at the aid stations, free food made by famous LA chefs for the cyclists, and I even bought a cookie covered cycling jersey! It’s through the hills of Malibu which should be extremely hard and painful BUT I’m sure it will be a ton of fun. And if it is, you bet your sweet titties that I’m going to do it again next year!!

Early November (date is TBD): The Malibu half marathon. I am also doing this one in a couple of weeks! It’s the first weekend of November. It’s a super flat course (because it’s on the PCH rather than through the hills like the bike race) and the weather should be pretty damn near perfect. I fully expect to PR my half at this race. If I feel like PRing my half again next year, then maybe I will do it again!

December (date is TBD): Ironman 70.3 Indian Wells. Yo. This race would be insane. I briefly considered doing it this year because registration is still open… MAYBE I WILL. It takes place OUT IN THE DESERT kind of near Joshua Tree and Palm Springs. HOW COOL IS THAT?!!?!?!?!?!?! A desert triathlon!? Where is the swim you might wonder? Honestly I don’t know, let me check—okay apparently it takes place in Lake Cahuilla. I don’t know what that is, but I’m excited!

Not yet scheduled for 2020 are Masters swim meets. I definitely want to compete in at least one swim meet in 2020 and relive the glory days! I looked up the US Masters Nationals Qualifying times and I think I definitely could get the mile and the 1,000 national cuts. They aren’t very fast but it would still feel good to say that I qualified for nationals! Now, would I actually go to nationals? Idk I guess it depends on where they are!

Speaking of swimming, now that I’m out here with that REAL water, I think I might try some sort of long distance open water swim race. There are definitely options up here near LA but I know there is down at La Jolla in San Diego! It’s not scheduled yet for 2020 but that might be a good’n! There is also a pier to pier one (I think) between Venice and Santa Monica piers. So we shall see.

Anyway, those are all the races I want to do in 2020! They are all expensive and together they probably all add up to like $10,000 or something. So my Venmo username is @Carolyn-Carter-1 if you wanna hit me up. LMAO just kidding (but like maybe not). If you donate to my poor person race fund then I’ll bring a cardboard cutout of your face to take a photo with at the end and will dedicate my race to you.

Stay tuned for a post coming soon where I narrow down my 2020 races to realistic standards. Also, stay tuned for my Cookie Fondo race report coming soon in a couple of weeks!!

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