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What to wear cycling!

WOW. Another blog post!? So soon!? What can I say, the creative juices are flowing.

If you’re like me, then you might continuously struggle with what to wear cycling at a specific temperature. HOWEVER, I think I’ve finally mastered the art of dressing appropriately! The most important lesson I have learned about cycling clothing (and this might seem obvious) is to always dress warmer than you think you need to, because most cycling clothes can come off easily.

Now of course, this is based on personal preference. As a Cincinnati native, I ALWAYS wear less clothing than my California cycling buddies. Like, it could be in the high 50s- low 60s and they’re bundled up as if they were about to head out into a polar vortex. Meanwhile, I’m just fine wearing my shorts.

SO. Moral of the story is use this as more of general guideline, but you might need to tweak it a bit to fit your preferences!

70°F and above: This is the easiest temperature to dress for! I simply wear a short sleeved jersey, shorts, fun socks (always), and fingerless gloves (this is a personal preference, I just like them because the extra padding feels better on my hands). You can think of this outfit as your base layer as we get colder, but we will add stuff on. Of course I also wear a sports bra, sunglasses, a helmet, and cycling shoes.

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60°F-70°F: If you’re not a cold person and it’s sunny outside you could probably get away with wearing what I had listed above and nothing else. For me, I would probably add a vest especially if it’s cloudy or windy outside. And like I said, if you get hot you can just take the vest off! I would also add on toe warmers because nothing will ruin a ride faster than cold feet. Additionally, you could add knee warmers into the mix because those can be rolled up if you’re hot (I actually don’t own knee warmers yet- I know, I know I really need some!)

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50°F-60°F: This is wear I start to get cold. In this temperature I would definitely wear a vest, add on arm warmers, and would switch to full-finger gloves. Personally, I think I would still be fine in shorts because my legs don’t get that cold, but again, this would be ideal for knee warmers. If it’s under 55°F and you get cold easily, then you might want to switch over to real cycling pants, especially if it’s cloudy.

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40°F-50°F: At this point I would definitely switch over to pants and a long sleeved jersey. I might add my wind vest still, just in case! I also would switch from toe warmers to full shoe covers.

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30°F-40°F: In addition to my long sleeved gear, I would wear a base layer underneath my jersey. For me, I just have an old long sleeved half marathon shirt that I use. It’s nice because it’s a sweat-wicking material which keeps me from getting even colder. I would also add a balaclava at this temperature. I didn’t include a photo for this one because imma be real with you, I look dumb as hell in my balaclava.

20°F-30°F: I would wear the same as above, but underneath my base layer I would throw back on the arm warmers! I would probably also switch from my regular full-fingered gloves to more heavy duty ones. This is the coldest temperature I would ever ride in.

20°F and below: Bitch, go inside with a cup of hot cocoa and a blankey, because you crazy as hell if you even consider riding in this. Buy a bike trainer and stay in your house you lunatic.

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My absolute favorite cycling brand is Pearl Izumi. Here’s a fun little secret, Sierra Trading Post carries a lot of HELLA discounted Pearl Izumi gear! I prefer their PRO line because it’s the highest quality. I have a pair of their bibs that was originally $200 and I got them for like $70. I also have two PRO jerseys (one is the long sleeved black jersey pictured above) which were both marked down to $40 from $150!!

I also would like to make an honorable mention to my ROKA sunglasses. They were bit pricey (but I used a giftcard that I got for being first out of the water during Superfrog 70.3 so that helped!) but they are so worth the money. The never slip down my face when I’m sweating, they’re super comfy and the lenses are removable! This is really nice because sometimes I bike at night and I can switch to clear lenses!

Also, if you’re wondering where I get all my fun socks, Sock Guy offers a huge selection of cycling socks!!

SO. Hopefully you found this post somewhat helpful! If you have any specific topics that you would like me to write about, comment and let me know!


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