Life Update

It’s been SO long since I have posted on here. And I do apologize for that. However, I think I’m just lazy sometimes.

I thought I would update all you Ohio people on what’s been going on!

So yeah, let’s see where do I start? There was the whole covid situation back in March and I fell into a pretty big slump from March through May. I had hurt my knee and wasn’t running, all the pools were closed so I couldn’t swim, and I wasn’t biking much because groups weren’t really riding, and I don’t like biking alone.

Honestly, those months were such a blur to me. They went so slow and so fast at the same time. Like what did I even do during that time? I think I just worked from home then sat around waiting to go to bed, then woke up the next day to do the same thing.

At the end of May, I started to get back into a couple of the group bike rides that I had been doing pre-covid. One is a Saturday morning ride and the other is a Wednesday evening ride. These rides alone really helped me to start to feel a little bit better. On one of the Wednesday evening rides in early June, a couple new people showed up named Yaz and Gus. Yaz and Gus are around my age and they are dating. They’re super strong cyclists and have been riding for a long time! I have no idea how our paths hadn’t crossed before that!

I don’t mean to be dramatic but Gus and Yaz are the best things that happened to my cycling. It was so exciting to find other riders around my age (ESPECIALLY one who is a girl!!!!!!). Soon, we all started doing more rides together and they started introducing me to new routes. Eventually we got a pretty solid cycling group of about 10-15 people who I just love riding with.

Now I’m riding about 6 days a week! I’ve pretty much stopped running and swimming (I will start again once I have a triathlon on my calendar). Each week it’s usually:

  • Monday- recovery ride (20-30 miles of easy riding)
  • Tuesday- Rose Bowl ride (Ten 3-mile laps on the road around the Rose Bowl, fast as fuck. It’s not technically a race, but like it is a race, you know what I mean?)
  • Wednesday- Lubanksi ride (25ish miles also fast as fuck, sometimes with crazy hills thrown in)
  • Thursday- SHLOC (Shit Load Of Climbing- about 20 miles on hills in Pasadena with 2500 feet of elevation)
  • Friday- rest day!
  • Saturday- Montrose!!! (40 or 50 mile group ride, depending on which route you do. Also fast as fuck.)
  • Sunday- CLIMBING!!!!!! (Always in the mountains. The route changes each week but it’s usually 40-60 miles and pretty much always more than 4,000 feet of climbing.)

I haven’t slept in since May. Literally. I sleep in later for work on the weekdays because I ride both weekend mornings, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I used to hate waking up at 6am for the Saturday morning ride and now I get excited for it! Like, I live in CALIFORNIA. Why would I want to spend half my day asleep? That makes no sense.

My favorite day is Sunday by far. It’s usually an absolute sufferfest of course since we climb SO MUCH. We’ve gone to Mt. Baldy Village, Crystal Lake (the hardest climb in LA according to the people I ride with), Mt. Wilson, Mill Creek, and a bunch of other places! Unfortunately, most of the climbs we do are in the San Gabriel Mountains, which are completely on fire right now so no riding there at the moment. This past Sunday we had to ride in Malibu. LOL, listen to me. Oh POOR ME. I “HAD” to go ride in Malibu this weekend. Boo hoo.

The route we did Sunday was in the Santa Monica Mountains. The first hill we climbed was an average 14% grade for like 2 miles with some steep kickers of like 20% grade. If you don’t know anything about hills, that’s real steep. Get that protractor out and see for yourself.

While climbing is painful and hard work, I just can’t help but be completely blown away by the beauty of California as I ride. Like sure, yeah I am dying BUT I get to look at MOUNTAINS while I die and that’s a privilege not a lot of people have. Can you believe I went 26 years without living next to mountains? Unbelievable.

Also, I got a new bike about a month ago and WOW what a game changer. My last bike was aluminum and weighed around 25-30 pounds. This new bike is full carbon and weighs like 16 pounds. It’s gorgeous. I might love this bike more than Jordan. Okay, that’s extreme. I love it AS MUCH as I love Jordan.

Anyway, so yeah besides cycling ALL THE TIME. Not much going on. Jordan and I renewed our lease for another year at our apartments last month. It’s crazy to think we’ve been out here over a year!! Also, Nova loves being out in California. I think it was her destiny to be a California kitty. I mean she doesn’t go outside ever, but I can tell she loves it here.

We also have a ton of plants that I can proudly say I HAVE KEPT ALIVE. Grandpa, I know you are reading this and you should be proud of me! Granted, we only buy plants that are pretty low maintenance but still. I got a fiddle leaf fig back in February and he is THRIVING. He has even grown new leaves. Our smaller fiddle leaf fig is growing 3 new leaves right this very second, AND I got this half-dead weird succulent thing from Home Depot a couple months ago that I brought back to life. Very exciting stuff.

Jordan just started classes again last week and he is 100% from home, which is nice for me because I get to actually see him this year but architecture is a weird thing to do from home I think. Also, he got a full ride again this year! At his school you have to reapply each year for your scholarship, which is slightly terrifying. But he did it!! He had the whole summer off because originally he was going to intern, but with covid that didn’t happen. It was nice though! We got to actually hang out and he was able to go on a nice vacation with his family.

I’ve found some pretty great non-cycling friends here in LA too! I got lucky. I think it can be really hard to make friends in a new city as an adult. Two of these friends I met through a podcast Facebook group! One of those friends I will actually be going on a little road trip to Arizona with next month! I have also met a couple of friends through my triathlon Instagram page which is great! I hiked Mt. Baldy (the tallest peak in the San Gabriel Mountains) with one of them. Weirdly enough, she had randomly reached out on Instagram because she is a triathlete in LA too, BUT it turns out she is from Ohio too and also went to Miami! How weird is that? Anyway, her and I plan on hiking Mt. Whitney hopefully next year! The other girl I met through Instagram invited me to Temecula the other weekend, so her and I and a couple other girls went wine tasting together! I also still have my friends from my last job too. Hopefully bars will open back up soon and we can have our regular trivia nights like we did pre-covid!!

Anyway, sadly I haven’t been able to come back to Ohio since last Christmas. This is the longest I have ever gone without seeing my family! Thank god for social media and Facetime! I am planning on trying to come home for two weeks during Christmas though, so if you want to see me then let me know! I’m sure I will bring my bike home too, so if anyone is trying to ride, let me know!

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