Superfrog 70.3 Race Report

One Sunday I did my seventh half Ironman! It was Superfrog 70.3 in San Diego. The reason I ended up doing this race is because originally I had registered for Ironman Wisconsin (full Ironman) before I knew I would be moving to LA. Wisconsin took place the weekend before this past weekend, which was only… Continue reading Superfrog 70.3 Race Report


Road Trip to LA

WOW. It's been a minute since I have written on here and there are some SERIOUS recent changes in my life. I moved to LA from Cincinnati, moved in with my boyfriend of 6 years whom I have never lived with before AND have never even lived in the same city with before, I went… Continue reading Road Trip to LA


2019 Steelhead 70.3 Race Report

I did Steelhead 70.3 yesterday which is my second time doing this particular race. I didn’t have very high expectations since I just did an Olympic last Sunday and wasn’t really following any sort of training plan. On Saturday, Jordan and I made our way up to Benton Harbor, MI for packet pickup. Benton Harbor… Continue reading 2019 Steelhead 70.3 Race Report


Flying Pig Marathon Race Report

On Sunday I ran my second standalone full marathon and third if you’re counting the Ironman. It went quite well if I do say so myself. I woke up at 3:45am on Sunday which was fine because at 2:30am these two drunk dudes were getting into a fight in my apartment parking lot and I… Continue reading Flying Pig Marathon Race Report


Disney Princess Half Marathon Race Report

This past weekend I ran the Disney Princess half marathon! It was really nice to get away to warm and sunny Florida for a weekend. I stayed with my brother who lives close to downtown Orlando and about 30 minutes away from Disney. I have never actually been to Disney World before, so it was… Continue reading Disney Princess Half Marathon Race Report


2019 Race Update

I feel like I’ve posted like 4 times about my 2019 race schedule because everything has been so up in the air! In my most recent post I had already signed up for Ohio 70.3, but GUESS WHAT, I can’t even do that race anymore. Luckily Ironman lets you switch races if you signed up… Continue reading 2019 Race Update


Indecisive 2019 Race Schedule

Hellooooo everyone!!! It’s been awhile! A little over a month to be exact since I have last posted on here! Mainly because really nothing has been going on recently. But I thought I would make a post about my 2019 race schedule. The biggest issue right now with 2019 is my indecisiveness. The full Ironman… Continue reading Indecisive 2019 Race Schedule