First off, I would like to apologize (mainly to my grandpa) about how long it actually took me to sit down and finally write this blog. I was in Belize from July 21-31, then I literally had one night at home before moving out to LA then I just never got to it! Belize was… Continue reading Belize


Road Trip to LA

WOW. It's been a minute since I have written on here and there are some SERIOUS recent changes in my life. I moved to LA from Cincinnati, moved in with my boyfriend of 6 years whom I have never lived with before AND have never even lived in the same city with before, I went… Continue reading Road Trip to LA

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Tour de Beer

This weekend I did something fun that I wanted to share! It was one of my items on the summer bucket list! I did the Brewed on the Bikeway beer tour. Well, I don’t know if “beer tour” is the proper term. Maybe the Tour de Beer, if you will (I am so fucking clever).… Continue reading Tour de Beer