Trader Joe’s Food Review

Most of you know that I have an obsession with Trader Joe’s. It started last year, but has grown exponentially due the easy access of like ONE HUNDRED TRADER JOE’S WITHIN A 20 MILE RADIUS. Actually, I don’t know if that’s true but there are a lot of them out here in LA compared to… Continue reading Trader Joe’s Food Review


Ironman Louisville Race Report

So I posted a shorter recap of my race on Facebook yesterday, but here is a much longer and much more detailed post for those who are interested! Race day started out very cold and rainy. Naturally I got there like 2 hours early because I like being early and not having to rush! I… Continue reading Ironman Louisville Race Report


Mojo Triathlon Race Report

Helloooooo everyone! I had a pretty exciting weekend. I completed my scuba certification! I am officially a PADI certified open water diver so that’s pretty cool. Also, my older brother came into town for the week which means we have fun stuff planned all week! Additionally, on Sunday, I did my fifth Olympic distance triathlon… Continue reading Mojo Triathlon Race Report

Carol's Thoughts


This morning I was initiated into the most exclusive club in the building. Hell, maybe the most exclusive club in the entire EPA: the Donut Club. Out of thousands of employees, only the persons with the most refined pallets, and who have the most extensive knowledge of these fried circles of dough are chosen. To… Continue reading TODAY WILL GO DOWN IN HISTORY


Workouts from the week of 3/26

Hello everyone! I haven’t been very good about writing on this blog recently, as nothing exciting has been going on. I also really haven’t had any funny stories to tell either. BUT ANYWAY. I’ve been thinking that maybe every Monday I will start posting the workouts that I did the previous week. I will be… Continue reading Workouts from the week of 3/26

Carol's Thoughts

I’m Giving up WHAT for Lent?? …Click to Find Out!!!

I never really give up anything for Lent. When I was little and we ACTUALLY went to church, our family did the whole “no meat on Friday” dealio so we would usually have like grilled cheese and other various meatless items. But as time wore on, we started to become more of a “Christmas-Easter” kind… Continue reading I’m Giving up WHAT for Lent?? …Click to Find Out!!!


My Triathlon Story

How did I get into triathlons? Probably the same way people get into heroin I guess. I kept doing running races but I just needed MORE. It all started when I was five years old. That’s when my swimming career began. Man, I loved swimming. Some may say I was obsessed. I was pretty decent… Continue reading My Triathlon Story


My Current Training Situation

My race schedule is almost completely official! Two days ago I signed up for the Flying Pig half marathon, which will be my 5th half. I finally also decided which half Ironman I’m going to do this summer. DRUM ROLL PLEASE… Ironman 70.3 Steelhead! I also signed up for this one on Monday! I really,… Continue reading My Current Training Situation