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This morning I was initiated into the most exclusive club in the building. Hell, maybe the most exclusive club in the entire EPA: the Donut Club. Out of thousands of employees, only the persons with the most refined pallets, and who have the most extensive knowledge of these fried circles of dough are chosen. To… Continue reading TODAY WILL GO DOWN IN HISTORY

Carol's Thoughts

I’m Giving up WHAT for Lent?? …Click to Find Out!!!

I never really give up anything for Lent. When I was little and we ACTUALLY went to church, our family did the whole “no meat on Friday” dealio so we would usually have like grilled cheese and other various meatless items. But as time wore on, we started to become more of a “Christmas-Easter” kind… Continue reading I’m Giving up WHAT for Lent?? …Click to Find Out!!!


My Triathlon Story

How did I get into triathlons? Probably the same way people get into heroin I guess. I kept doing running races but I just needed MORE. It all started when I was five years old. That’s when my swimming career began. Man, I loved swimming. Some may say I was obsessed. I was pretty decent… Continue reading My Triathlon Story

Carol's Thoughts

Looming Government Shutdown

So the government might shut down this weekend. This is nothing new though, the government threatens to shut down about every other week thanks to this administration. What that means for me is that I won’t be able to go to work for an uncertain amount of time AAAANNNDDD I don’t get paid.  Well, I’ll… Continue reading Looming Government Shutdown